4 Miami Hurricanes touch down in Phoenix for the 2024 MLB Draft Combine

May 23, 2024; Charlotte, NC, USA; Miami (FL) Hurricanes pitcher Gage Ziehl (31).
May 23, 2024; Charlotte, NC, USA; Miami (FL) Hurricanes pitcher Gage Ziehl (31). / Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 MLB Combine started on June 18 and four Miami Hurricane stars were in Phoenix to show off their talents and, hopefully, boost their draft stock.

Right-handed pitcher Brian Walters is optimistic about the 2024 MLB Draft after playing two seasons for the Hurricanes.

After two seasons at Miami Dade, Herick Hernandez, a left-handed pitcher, opted to play a season for the Miami Hurricanes in 2024 despite being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds last year.

Gage Ziehl, another right-handed pitcher, wrapped up his third season for the Miami Hurricanes in 2024, earning 4 wins and just 3 losses.

Last but not least, Rafe Schlesinger (LHP) played for the Canes from 2021 until 2024 and earned 9 wins for Miami.

The four pitchers will have the opportunity to put in an extra few days of work before the MLB Draft later this summer.

The 2024 MLB Draft Combine runs from June 18 through 23. The first two days are filled with pro-style workouts, including infield/outfield drills and bullpen exercises for the pitchers.

Days three and four will consist of strength and conditioning workouts for all of the Combine participants.

Throughout the week, players will have the opportunity to speak with general managers, scouts, and other MLB club officials to discuss their future in the league.

Walters, Hernandez, Siehl, and Schlesinger are four of 171 players participating in the MLB Combine which is the final step ahead of the MLB Draft.

The 2024 MLB Draft begins on July 14 in Arlington, Texas during the All-Star Week.

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