Cam McCormick 2024 return helps Miami football run offense

The return of tight end Cam McCormick for his ninth season will help the Miami football team run offense.
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The return of Cameron McCormick at tight end for his ninth season will continue to help the Miami football team run the ball. With McCormick as the primary tight end in 2023, Miami improved significantly running over the 2022 season.

Pro Football Focus gave McCormick a 78.7 grade as a run blocker in 2023 via Alex Donno on All Hurricanes. Miami finished 45th nationally in 2023, averaging 173.15 rushing yards per game and 16th, averaging 5.12 yards per carry. McCormick was the primary tight end for Miami in 2023.

The focus of McCormick's return by the Miami fanbase has primarily been on his eight receptions for 64 yards in 2023. McCormick was primarily a blocker for Miami during the 2023 season.

Before McCormick's arrival, Miami finished 95th nationally, averaging 128.33 rushing YPG and 3.74 YPC. Under Mario Cristobal, being able to block at all positions is critical. Jaleel Skinner who transferred to Louisville after the season, struggled to receive playing time at Miami because he was subpar as a blocker.

After missing most of the 2018 through 2021 seasons because of injuries, McCormick has played most of the last two seasons. McCormick played in all 13 games with six starts at Oregon in 2022. Per Canes County, McCormick "played 441 snaps last season at tight end and 623 snaps, including special teams."

The return of McCormick also helps the depth for Miami at TE. Redshirt junior Elijah Arroyo has struggled to recover from a severe knee injury in 2022. Arroyo, Riley Williams and Skinner combined for 10 receptions for 92 yards for Miami in 2023 as the TE receiving production for Miami dropped off in 2023.

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McCormick will be a key part of the Miami TE rotation in 2023. Arroyo and Williams return at TE and Miami adds 2024 signee Elija Lofton. How Miami offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson utilizes the TEs in 2024 will be influenced by the change to Cam Ward at QB. McCormick returning in 2024 helps Miami.