Kirk Herbstreit calls FSU fans hypocrites reminding them of 2000 Miami Football snub

ESPN top College Football analyst Kirk Herbstreit called out FSU fans over their hypocrisy of being snubbed out of a playoff spot reminding them about the 2000 Miami football team.

Hosts Lee Corso, at left, and Kirk Herbstreit talk during the ESPN College GameDay show on Saturday,
Hosts Lee Corso, at left, and Kirk Herbstreit talk during the ESPN College GameDay show on Saturday, / GREG SWIERCZ / USA TODAY NETWORK

ESPN top college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit called out the hypocrisy of the Florida State fan base and reminded them of the Seminoles getting a 2000 BCS Championship game bid that resulted in the snub of the Miami football team. Herbstreit had to remind FSU fans that Miami defeated the Seminoles during the 2000 season.

Florida State and Miami each finished the 2000 regular season 10-1. Florida State lost 27-24 at Miami in October. Miami lost at Washington in week two. Washington suffered its only loss 23-16 at number 20 Oregon to conclude September. Florida State finished second in the final 2000 BCS Standings, Miami third and Washington fourth.

Herbstreit pushed back against a Florida State fan who asked him why he had Alabama in the College Football Playoff before the injury to Seminoles' starting quarterback Jordan Travis. Herbstreit replied he used the criteria the College Football Playoff committee used to determine the four qualifying teams.

The criteria for selecting the four programs in the college football playoff is the four best, not most deserving teams. In Herbstreit's opinion Alabama and Texas are better than FSU. The reply from Herbstreit was 351 words. That's as long as many blog posts. Included in Herbstreit's post is Miami deserved to be in the 2000 BCS Title Game.

"Its funny when FSU went ahead of The U in 2000 after Dorsey and the boys beat the Noles and FSU went instead of a deserving Canes team to the BCS Championship where they lost to Oklahoma I didn’t hear from all of you about the system being rigged and it’s not fair. You were big fans of the turnout back then-of course most of you, in this despicable lunatic fringe, probably didn’t even know about 2000 when the Noles got the benefit over a GREAT Miami team! "

Kirk Herbstreit

Oklahoma finished the 2000 regular season 12-0 after winning the Big XII Championship Game. The top six teams all finished the 2000 regular season with one loss. Oregon State and Virginia Tech were behind Washington. Oregon's State one loss was to Washington and Virginia Tech's to Miami.

Florida State finished with a 5.37 ranking in the BCS Computer and Miami had a 5.69. The Seminoles lost to Oklahoma 13-2 in the Orange Bowl in the BCS National Championship Game. Miami defeated Florida 37-20 in the Sugar Bowl and finished second. As Herbstreit said, FSU benefitted from the 2000 selections.

If the 2023 College Football Playoff selection had been in Florida State's favor the reaction would have been completely different. Many Miami fans still lament how the 2000 BCS selections occurred. Had the selection for the 2000 BCS Title Game turned out differently, Miami fans would have had a different opinion and understandably so.