Lee Corso returning in 2024, could he appear for Miami football game?

Long time ESPN College Gameday analyst Lee Corso is returning for the 2024 season. Could he appear for a Miami football game?
Florida v Miami
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Could longtime ESPN Gameday analyst Lee Corso appear for a Miami football game in 2024 after announcing he will return next season? Corso told Alex Kirshner in GQ "I'm not envisioning leaving the show right now, and I just hope that I'll continue to love it the way I love it right now.”

The Miami football team has had a game featured 24 times in the history of ESPN College Gameday. Only once, for the 2017 game versus Notre Dame has College Gameday appeared on the Miami campus. ESPN Gameday has appeared in South Florida 10 times for Miami home games, usually on South Beach.

The Miami matchup with Florida State is tied for seventh all-time with eight appearances on ESPN College Gameday. There are several intriguing Miami games that could be featured by ESPN College Gameday in 2024. Miami opens at Florida in 2024. Clemson at Georgia is the only other week one Saturday marquee game.

LSU plays USC in Las Vegas to open the season on Sunday night September 1. Other marquee games on the 2024 Miami football schedule are at Louisville and versus Florida State. Those appear to be the only games that Miami seems likely to appear on Gameday. A lot will depend on how Miami plays in 2024.

Corso grew up in Miami after moving from the Chicago area when he was 10 years old. As a quarterback and shortstop at Miami Jackson High School, Corso was offered a $5,000 bonus to sign with the Dodgers. Corso chose to play football at Florida State where his roommate was the late actor Burt Reynolds.

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Hopefully, Corso will make an appearance for a Miami game next season. If that game is going to be in Coral Gables it would be for Florida State, barring another opponent exceeding expectations. Asked what the show could look like without Corso producer Lindsay Lloyd said "I do, but I don't know if it's appropriate for me to answer that.”