Mario Cristobal expects TE production and impact increasing in 2024

Speaking to reporters earlier this week, Mario Cristobal expects the impact and production from Miami tight ends to be bigger in 2024.
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Long known as tight end U, the Miami football program had minimal production from the position in 2023. Speaking to reporters this week, Mario Cristobal expects the roles, production and impact at TE to increase in 2024. Miami returns most of their production at TE in 2024.

Miami tight ends combined had 18 receptions for 154 yards and one touchdown in 2023. Jaleel Skinner is the only TE Miami lost after last season. Skinner, who transferred to Louisville, had one reception for nine yards in 2023. Miami signed four-star TE Elijah Lofton in the 2024 class.

Miami returns Elijah Arroyo, Jackson Carver, Cameron McCormick and Riley Williams at TE from the 2023 roster. Arroyo appears to be the healthiest he has been since he suffered a severe knee injury in 2022. Arroyo is projected to compete with McCormick to be the starting TE in 2024. Lofton has been impressive during spring practice.

Miami has cross-trained Lofton at running back and he has versatility as a blocker to play h-back. Lofton and Williams will likely compete for snaps behind Arroyo with Carver adding depth. McCormick and Williams were the Miami co-leaders at TE with eight receptions.

"The best part (is) they know that they have talent. They're not resting on that and they're not expecting for them to just magically get better. What you see is a group that is being pushed hard. I know Coach Wood (TE coach Cody Woodiel) really grinds on them. I spent a little bit of time with them in some of the run game stuff and they take a lot of pride and detail and technique and fundamentals...Offensively, for a long time here at Miami, we've always been very productive at the tight end position. Last year was a first year in a while we took a step back. Right, well, that's not us and that's not our offense. Okay, so those guys are excited knowing that their involvement, their roles, their production and their impact is going to continue to get bigger and bigger."

Mario Cristobal

Williams led Miami TEs in 2023 with 72 receiving yards and had the sole touchdown. McCormick had 62 receiving yards in 2023 and is Miami's best blocking TE. McCormick is returning to Miami for his ninth season of college football and provides a mentor for the other TEs on the Hurricanes' roster.

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Tight end was one of a few positions for Miami in 2023 that didn't have a player graded in the top 20 on the Hurricanes by Pro Football Focus. After consistency at TE in the 2010s through Will Mallory's last season in 2022, Miami fell off significantly at the position in 2023. One of the TEs needs to emerge and provide Miami consistency in 2024.