NFL Combine 40-yard dash betting odds for Miami football alums

Miami football alums Kamren Kinchens and James Williams are among the prospects with odds published by FanDuel for them to run the fastest time among defensive backs and players overall at the NFL Combine this weekend.

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FanDuel has 40-yard dash NFL Combine betting odds, including Miami football alums Kamren Kinchens and James Williams. Fans can place wagers on Kinchens and Williams at the 2024 NFL Combine for the Fastest 40 Yard Dash time Overall and among defensive backs.

Kinchens and Williams are extreme long shots to run the fastest times in the 40-yard dash overall or among defensive backs. Kinchens is at plus 20,000 to run the fastest 40-yard dash time overall and plus 10,000 among DBs. Williams also has odds at plus 20,000 overall and 10,000 among DBs to run the fastest time.

Texas Tech Tyler Owens is the favorite overall at plus 400 and among defensive backs at plus 190 to run the fastest 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine. According to NFL Draft Buzz, Owens has been timed running a 4.3 40-yard dash. Kinchens' best 40 time is 4.45 and Williams is 4.46.

Kinchens and Williams bring provide other intangibles in their NFL Draft status. The NFL Mock Draft Database lists Kinchens as the 49th-best overall prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. That would place Kinchens in the middle of the second round. Williams is listed as the 111th overall prospect. That would be a fourth-round pick.

Owens is 354th overall prospect and projects as an Undrafted Free Agent. In addition to Kinchens and Williams, Miami defensive lineman Leonard Taylor and offensive linemen Javion Cohen and Matt Lee are also participating in the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this weekend. Cohen is mocked to the fourth round and Lee as a UDFA.

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FanDuel has several other options for prop bets during the NFL Combine. Defensive linemen and linebackers will compete on Thursday, DBs and tight ends are on Friday, quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs are on Saturday and offensive linemen are on Sunday. The NFL Network is televising the Combine.