Where could Miami Hurricanes land if ACC collapses

Recent lawsuits by Clemson and Florida State against the ACC have created an uncertain future for the conference. Where would the Miami Hurricanes land is the ACC collapses?

Oct 15, 2022; Blacksburg, Virginia, USA;  Miami Hurricanes fans cheer during the second half against
Oct 15, 2022; Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; Miami Hurricanes fans cheer during the second half against / Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Where would the Miami Hurricanes land if the ACC collapses? Lawsuits by Clemson and Florida State have created speculation that the ACC could be the next conference to implode. Clemson and Florida are challenging the ACC's Grant of Rights, which runs through 2036. Clemson is challenging the $140 million exit fee from the ACC.

The Big 10 and SEC are likely waiting for the lawsuits to play out before beginning their next round of expansion. Oregon, UCLA, USC and Washington will join the Big 10 for the 2024-25 school year. Oklahoma and Texas will join the SEC. Who are the best fits for the Big 10 and SEC from the ACC?

Where do the Miami Hurricanes fit in realignment? Miami is a better cultural fit for the Big 10. The SEC would be a better geographical fit, but that has become an obsolete connection between conference programs. The ACC and Big 10 will stretch from coast to coast, beginning this summer.

California and Stanford join the ACC from the Bay Area in California and SMU from the Dallas Metroplex. Even with the addition of two major television markets, Clemson and Florida State are suing the ACC over the Grant of Rights, exit and the now antiquated TV deal that runs through 2036.

Projection: Big 12 Sources told 247Sports this week that Miami's "preference" would be the Big Ten. Last summer, it was believed the Big Ten "badly" wanted a program in Florida to compete with the SEC on fertile recruiting soil and for added national attention — at least that's the way one source put it. Miami was one of the handful of ACC programs the Big Ten initially considered in 2022 during the realignment extravaganza, joining Florida State and UNC. With the conference already widening its reach last year to California with the USC and UCLA additions, stretching deep into Florida seems like a no-brainer. Miami just wants out of the ACC, period, one source said previously. There is a fear, however, among those close to the Miami program, that the Big Ten is only going to seek out FSU and Notre Dame during its next round of expansion, which would leave Miami without its top choice.

Brad Crawford, 247Sports

Miami should be able to be competitive in the Big 12 immediately in football. That was also expected when Miami joined the ACC. Miami has not been able to come close to reaching the expectations of them in football when they entered the ACC in 2004. The Big 12 has been the best basketball conference over the last few years.

The bigger question would be if the ACC broke apart how long could the Big 12 remain sustainable? The Big 10 and the SEC are the dominant conferences and will receive a significantly larger percentage of the College Football Playoff revenue.

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Miami would provide the Big 10 with the last region of the country where they don't currently have a school. The realignment will continue to evolve. The Clemson and Florida State lawsuits bear watching. The outcome of the lawsuits should have a major impact on the next rosund of college conference realignment.