What Did Miami Hurricanes DC Manny Diaz Say After Georgia Tech?

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 14: TaQuon Marshall /

Georgia Tech’s triple option presents a unique option for any of the opposing defenses that face them. They entered Saturday’s game against the Miami Hurricanes averaging 396 yards rushing per game and 5.6 yards per carry.

The Miami Hurricanes defense did a great job holding down the Georgia Tech running game. The Yellow Jackets finished with 226 yards on 53 carries. The Miami defense tightened up and was more stout after halftime.

Going into a game against the Yellow Jackets unusual offense sometimes takes some time getting used to. The Hurricanes were able to hold Georgia Tech to a three and out on its first drive. The Yellow Jackets followed that up with back to back touchdown drives.

Miami had two three and outs and a field goal on their first three drives. Georgia Tech had built up a 14-3 lead. It was the third time in the last four games the Miami Hurricanes offense was sluggish until the fourth quarter.

The Hurricanes got a touchdown on their last drive of the first half to get within one point at halftime. Georgia Tech returned a botched onside kick for a touchdown to begin the second half. That was the only time the Yellow Jackets got in the end zone after halftime. They later added a field goal.

That put a lot of pressure on the Miami Hurricanes defense. Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz’s unit once again answered the call in the second half. Diaz spoke to reporters after the game about defending the Georgia Tech run and how well the defense played in the second half.

On defending the run throughout the game

"“When you play them, they stress you across the field and you’re usually happier with themrunning sideways. But the first drive they kind of had one of their pieces out-leveraging one ofour pieces. It took us two drives to adjust to it, which is kind of disappointing on my part; wereally should have fixed it after the first drive.But those guys over there know what they’re doing. All you can do all offseason is anticipate what new things they’re going to get you with. To the players’ credit once we fixed it and they understood what was happening, they had the ability to make the necessary adjustments and take that away from them.”"

The Miami Hurricanes defense has played much stronger in the second half this season. The biggest exception was last week’s win over Florida State.

On how well the defense played in the second half.

"“What we told them was ‘if we stop that play, then we felt pretty good about everything else.’They do an unbelievable job running the football and stress you from sideline-to-sideline. Butfootball is football, you get them running sideways and normally that’s a good thing for thedefense. For the most part, we took away dive and we took away the play right up the middleof the football field. And being the University of Miami we should be able to run sideline-to sideline.”"

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Diaz was alluding to the Hurricanes speed when saying Miami should be able to run sideline to sideline. The domination of Miami speed has been lost in recent years. It is being reemphasized under Diaz’s defense and on Mark Richt’s offense.